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Bluegrass Roots

Bluegrass Roots is the quarterly magazine published since 1973 by the Kentucky Genealogical Society. Now published only in electronic format, it is a valuable benefit of KGS membership.
All issues of Bluegrass Roots are available in the Members Only section of this website, and members are notified by email when a new issue is published. Each issue contains a variety of articles in multiple formats, including research-based articles, ancestral photos, news of KGS events and programs, compiled indexes of records, book reviews, abstracts, and research aids. Most issues include queries from members seeking information on their ancestors.
Researchers interested in submitting their own stories or records to Bluegrass Roots can find guidelines and an author contract on this website.
KGS also distributes a monthly newsletter by email to members and non-members who sign up to receive it. The newsletter features announcements about programs and projects of interest to researchers of Kentucky ancestors.

Published in 1974

Can you spare one hour to help index Bluegrass Roots?
KGS is hoping to “crowdsource” that task. If each reader helped for one hour, the job would be done – and all of us could locate surnames easily and quickly. Who knows? Maybe there’s an article in a past issue that will help you solve some family mysteries!
Here’s how this works:
  • Indexers will help on their own schedules, in their own homes, using their own devices and online indexing software provided by KGS.
  • To minimize errors, each issue will be indexed by two people, and the two versions will be compared to identify differences and make corrections as necessary. This process is similar to the one used by genealogy sites such as FamilySearch.
  • We will update the index as new information is added. Please remember this is a work in progress.
All you need is a willingness to help. Indexing experience is secondary to enthusiasm!
To volunteer for one hour (or longer, if you like), send email to Rosemary McFarland at
Last Update: 11 May 2019