Kentucky Genealogical Society

Submit Your Surnames

Members can submit their surnames to our research database and share them with other members and the public. Researchers who find a surname in common with yours will be able to email you, but they will NOT have access to your email address or your name. When you receive an email from someone sharing a surname, it's completely up to you to respond and share your email address with them. See Use Surname Research to understand how that works. 
How to Add a Surname:
  • Click on Members Only to login to your account. Next click on Profile.
  • In the second box, click on Surnames.
  • Click on the  icon in the right corner to add a surname to the database. 
  • Surname is required, and you can also include a location, time frame, alternate spellings, and notes that will help other researchers determine if you have a possible connection. Click on Save in the upper right corner of the window to save your entry. 
  • Repeat this process for additional surnames or for the same surname in different locations. 
You must be a member to submit surnames to the list but anyone can view the Surname Research list. Become a member to take advantage of this and other benefits of membership. 
Last Update: 27 Jul 2014