Kentucky Genealogical Society

How to Use Surname Connections

Surname Connections makes it possible for members to share information with others who are researching the same families. Members can enter their surname information in the database, but both members and non-members can search the database.
Note that this database includes ONLY surnames that have been submitted by researchers. If you do not find your ancestral surname in the database, that doesn't mean your ancestors were never in Kentucky. It just means that nobody has entered their names into this database. See Submit Your Surnames for instructions on how to enter your surname information, then be the first to list your ancestors. Others may be researching them, too!
There are two ways to search the database on the Surname Connections page:
1. Type a surname into the search box. Click on the "magnifier" icon. To remove a surname, click on the "broom" icon. ​
Search Surname List
2. Browse the surname list. The default view is an ascending allphabetical sort by surname. Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading. 
Surname List
You have two choices under the Actions column. 
1. The "eye" icon allows you to view any additional information the member provided about that surname.
2. The "envelope" allows you to email that member.
When you select the envelope icon, a pop-up email form displays. Enter your name and email address, adjust the Subject line as needed and type your message. Note that the sender DOES NOT see the member's email address in this process. Email addresses for members are completely hidden from the public in this process. When a member receives an email from someone, it is their decision to respond at which time their email address would be shared with the sender. 
Note the Validation line after the Subject. When the sender checks that box, a number will display beside it. The sender must then enter that number in the "enter code" field on that line. This is a validation process to ensure the email is from a real person and not a spam program. The email will not be sent if the sender does not follow these steps. 
Surname Inquiry Emailer