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All issues of Bluegrass Roots are now online behind the member's wall. These are scans of the orginial hard copies and the quailty varies from year to year. 

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Note that there are many little articles and tidbits in each issue of BGR, along with queries, book reviews, and how-to info. This index is not a complete listing of everything in these issues, just the highlights.

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KGS is hoping to “crowd source” that task. If each reader helped for one hour, the job would be done – and all of us could locate topics and surnames easily and quickly. Who knows? Maybe there’s an article in a past issue that will help you solve some family mysteries!
Here’s how this works:
  • Indexers will help on their own schedules, in their own homes, using their own devices and online indexing software provided by KGS.
  • To minimize errors, each issue will be indexed by two people, and the two versions will be compared to identify differences and make corrections as necessary. This process is similar to one used by genealogy sites such as FamilySearch.
  • We will update the index as new information is added (1973-1975). Please remember this is a work in progress.
All you need is a willingness to help. Indexing experience is secondary to enthusiasm!
To volunteer for one hour (or longer, if you like), send email to Rosemary McFarland at
We will add the indexes as they are complete below each issue. 



The Irish are Coming
Genealogy How-To: The Value of 2nd Cousins
The William H. Hobby Family of Caldwell County-pt 1
Happy 46th Birthday, KGS!
Filson Society, Todd County Library win first KGS Grants to digitize Kentucky Records
KGS applauds indexing and digitization grants volunteers
 We need you!
COVID-19 and KGS 
Wanted: German Church Records for Publication in “German Immigrants” Series
 Identifying an Unknown Kentucky Solider & Train Defender
Two Ways to Leave a Lasting Genealogical Legacy
 The William H. Hobby Family of Caldwell County, KY-Pt 2
KGS Seminar Going Virtual 
Thanks for Lending a Hand!
We Need You--How to Volunteer
How the Shelby County Tax List Rewrote my Gott Genealogy
Two ways to Leave a Genealogical Legacy


DNA Testing
Wlliford Jenkins: The Story of His Life and the Testament
to His Character
Genealogy How-To: Researching Records in a Different Language

Ethnis and Privacy in DNA Testing for Genealogy
Wlliford Jenkins: The Story of His Life and the Testament
to His Character -Part 2
Taylor Regional Archive Center
KY Chapter APG
Chipmans of Williamstown
Applications for New Digitization Grant
Britton Bridges of Logan County
Applications for New Digitization Grant
Genealogy How-To: How to Find an American Obituary
Kenton County’s Ice King
Find Relatives Using an App


Westerfield Massacre Part 2 of 3
Hays and Clore of Kentucky
Howe & Salyers Families of Carrollton, Ky Part 2 of 2
Westerfield Massacre Part 3 of 3
Genealogy How-To: Getting Acquainted with Revised
Freedom Delayed- The Robinson Family of Lexington
Genealogy How-To: Find Old Books Online
Develop Your DNA Testing Plan
America’s heritage and the SAR Library
Genealogy How-To: Help with Old Handwriting


Samuel Colston, Where in the 1860 Census Are You?
Attention, all Schanuss/Shouse Descendants
Handwriting as Genealogical Proof
Civil War Soldiers Who Were Member of GAR in North Dakota
Gone But Not Forgotten in Rowan County
Colonial Routes from Pennsylvania To Kentucky
Point Lookout – A Civil War Ancestor’s Fight to Survive
What’s This “Removed” Business? A Formula for Figuring Out Cousins 
Low Dutch Settlements & the Westerfield Massacre
Finding Vital Statistics Records in Kentucky
Howe-Salyers Family of Carrollton, KY-A Handwritten Chronology


County Sites for Kentucky Research: Fayette County
Littlest Rebel: Nancy Jane Conder of Casey County
My Link to Revolutionary War Patriot John Jolly
Readers Keeps Counts of Her Ancestors
Cassius Marcellus Clay (1810-1903)
KY Union Civil War Soldiers Buried in Woodford Co., Ill
The Day the Train Blew Up
Marriages in Barren County, 1805 -1896 (Grooms Named Lock/Locke)
Contested Election
Hitch Family Papers
How to Tell Your ancestor’s Stories in Bluegrass Roots
Kentucky Union War Veterans Buried in Pike Co., Ill. 
Proving the Unprovable Through Evidence Analysis
Kentucky Union Civil War Veterans Buried in McDonough County, Ill
Precious Memories: Stories Gathered at a McFarland Family Reunion


County Sites for KY Research: Muhlenberg County
European Graves of WWI Soldiers
Dr. Christopher Columbus Graham
Lacher-Baesse Family Bible
County Sites for KY Research: Carter County
Old Pie Safe
Documents of Civil War KY Coming to the Internet
Family History Books-Digitized, Online, & Free
County Sites for KY Research: Bullitt County
Missouri Sons & Daughters of KY
Why Your Family Tree is Never Done
A Lesson from the Cemetery

County Sites for KY Research: Letcher County
History of the Indian Bottom Church, Letcher County 1810
Sharp Family of Phayton Ridge, Owen County


Kentucky Roots of Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn
WPA Photographs at KDLA
Thomas Lanham, Pioneer at Fort Boonesborough
US City Directory at Ancestry
Bach-Baugh Family in Kentucky (part 1)
Brick Wall Breakthroughs!
New Tools for Searching State Government Websites of the Past
From Plymouth Rock to the Bluegrass State
Bach-Baugh Family in Kentucky (part 2)


Kentucky Civil War Soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, Dept of Oregon
National Genealogical Society (NGS): My Personal Experience
Kenton County Birth Index 1874 -1876
Honor Your Ancestors in the War of 1812
Lexington Public Library Online Cemetery Map
Teachable Moments of Eleanor Alice Fitzsimmons
Best Cemetery, Anderson Co. Ky (Part 1)
John Scalf, Revolutionary War Soldier
Alphabetical Birth Index 1874 – 1878 (part 1)
Former Members of Old Ironside Chapter of the U.S. Daughters of the War of 1812
Best Cemetery, Anderson Co (part 1)
Philatelic Genealogy: Civil War Envelopes
Alphabetical Birth Index 1874 – 1878 (part 2)
Last Print Issue of Bluegrass Roots
What Ever Happened to Allen Pinkston
Samuel Beatty Graveyard
Humor of Personal Genealogy Research
Alphabetical Birth Index 1874 – 1878 (part 3)


Researching at the National Archives
Confederate Pension Applications Available Online
Thomas & Sarah Maynard of Pike Co.
KY at Work: Philatelic Genealogy
Woodford Co. Birth Index 1874-1875
Kentucky Civil War Soldiers in the GAR in California
Floyd County Birth Index 1874
KHS Resources Gold Mine for Genealogists
Genealogy Around KY
“So Who Do You Think You Are?”
KY’s Frist Certified Professional Genealogy Librarian
Samuel S. Cook (Washington Co.) Ancestry
Floyd Co. Birth Index 1875
1961 KY Death Certificates Now Available
Websites to Know
Edward Jarvis-A Fighter in War and Peace
Nelson Co. Birth Index 1875


William Green Wells
Elizabeth Shown Mills
Virginia Historical Index
Augusta County Chancery Cause
Deeds of Manumission
Samuel Westervelt (Westerfield) in Kentucky Territory in 1779
History of Drakesboro Methodist Church
Shelby County Birth Index 
Bibles of the Blackford and Arnold Families
Shelby County Birth Index 1876 and 1878
Drakesboro Methodist Church Register
Seeking Miss Daisey
Research in KY Historical & Genealogical Periodicals
Philatelic Genealogy: Writing Home to KY during WWI
Genealogy Around KY: John Fox, Jr. Genealogical Library
KY Civil War Soldiers in the GAR in CO & WY
Civil War Muster Roll
Genealogy Around KY: SAR Library
Bourbon Co. Birth Index 1874



John and Mary Clark Family
Kentucky Genealogist
1930 Census vs. 2010 Census
Old Records Found in Ky
Anderson County Post Office
Lexington National Cemetery
Gist Family Papers, 1806- 1830
Haitian Historic Archives

No Published

Not Published


Not Published



African American Interviews Donated
Legal Terms: Death and Property
Church Family Cemetery
Baldwin-Wash Family Cemetery
Duvall Burying Ground
Mercer County Court Orders
Alma Ray Ison
Moxley Bible
Kentucky Deaths in Christian Advocate
Mill Springs National Cemetery
Mount Vernon Church Book
Successful Long-Distance Research
Parallels of a Confederate and a Union Soldier
Members of Kentucky Legislature, 1817
Kentucky Deaths in Christian Advocate
Mill Springs National Cemetery
World War I Veterans
Woodburn Farm Collection
Kentucky Newspapers and Columbia University
Mount Vernon Church Book 

Shelby County's Connection to Mary Surratt
Finding Invaluable Family Treasures
Kentucky Civil War Veterans Buried in Scott County, Illinois
Kentucky Military Treasurers
Some Kentucky Patent Holders
William Whitley State Historic Site
Lexington National Cemetery
Anderson County Post Offices and Postmasters
Captain Thomas Quirk
Lexington National Cemetery, cont'd
Your Role in Local Genealogy Research, by Don Rightmyer
U. S. Air Force Records
Kentucky Holdings in Chicago's Newberry Library
The Year 1909
Library of Congress Puts Thousands of Historic Books Online
Kentucky Lawyers, 1859



Adair County Equity Cases
Ottenheim's Records
Sandy Creek Baptist Church
Mercer County Court Orders
Camp Nelson National Cemetery
Mercer County Court Orders
October 1888 Events
John Wesley Walters Family
Columbia Baptist Church Roll
Camp Nelson National Cemetery
Copyright, Ethics and Genealogy
Fouch-Fugate-Salmons-Burchett-Delong-Wooton-Armstrong-Christy: A Family of Revolutionary Patriots
Cumberland County Marriages
LaMonda Garage
War of 1812 Death
Virginia's Burned Records Counties
Danville National Cemetery
Kentucky Deaths in Christian Advocate
Joseph Turner Family
Thomas Turner Family
Turner Cemeteries
Mercer County Court Orders
Library of Virginia, Acquisitions
Mercer County Court Orders
Historic Preservation: Kentucky Legislature
Owsley Historical Society
Hedden Family: Clues from Past and Present
Samuel Miles Bible
Mill Springs National Cemetery



Council on Southern Mountain Records
Gaither Bryant Visits Columbia
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849, L-R
Eastern State Hospital
Camp Nelson Cemetery, cont'd
Anderson County Obituary Index, cont'd

Men with James Harrod
Sam McDowell, 1931-2007
Anderson County Obituary Index, cont'd
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849 R-Y
Joseph Pugh, 1763-1820
One of Morgan's Men: R. A. Webster
Miller Family
John Clarence Padgett
Henry County Court Orders
John Cape Bible
Louisville Deaths, October 1832
Dr. Nathan Gaither
Green Clay's Sword
Covington Journal News Items, 1870
Korean War Veterans
Looking for John Thompson
Camp Nelson Burials
Crittenden County Veterans
Anderson County Obituary Index, concluded
Genealogical Abstracts, Kentucky Acts, 1866
Wm. F. Cabbell and Wm. T. Epperson
Judge Michael Huffman
Memorial Day History
Hart County News, 1896
A Soldier's Forgotten Grave
London Guardsmen
Harrodsburg Tankers
1870 Russell County Real Estate
Camp Nelson National Cemetery



KGS Digital Collections Database
Graves County Census Found
Maryland Research
Searching Kentucky Records for Land (cont'd later)
Anderson County Obituary Index (cont'd later)
Bourbon County Miscellaneous Records
Boyle County Birth Records, 1875, 1876, 1878
Historic Document Theft
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper

Cemeteries: a Final Resting Place
Missouri Death Records Project
Michael McKinley family
WWI Soldier, 110
National Newspaper Project
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849 (con'td later)
Searching Kentucky Records for Land, cont'd
Commentary on Slave Marriages
Scott County Slave Marriage Declarations
Camp Nelson National Cemetery, cont'd
Anderson County Obituary Index, cont'd
X-treme Genealogy
Using Genealogical Sites on the Internet
H-Kentucky ListServ
Camp Nelson National Cemetery, cont'd
John Coles Payne--Mystery
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849, cont'd
Underground Railroad Institute
Green County, Kentucky sources
Copying Old Photographs
Kentucky as a Commonwealth
10 Generations in One Kentucky County
Quieting the Ghosts of Kuwait
Early Anderson County Obituary Index
Makers Make the Cemetery
Cemetery Desecrations
Mills Springs Battlefield Visitors Center
Greenwood Cemetery, Owensboro
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849, cont'd
Alexander McDowell family
Early Anderson County Obituary Index
Freedman's Bureau Project at NARA
KGS History, 1974
Camp Nelson National Cemetery, cont'd



Kentucky Marriages from Maryland Vet Records
Marriages from Early Louisville Papers
Camp Nelson National Cemetery: Grave Registration to 1997
James & Elizabeth Acton family
White's Run Baptist Church Cemetery
Whitehead Family Notes
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper
"The Little War": Spanish-American
A Short History of Anderson County
Ananias A. Bennett of Adair County
Benjamine A. Bailey Will, 1819
New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana Library
Ron Bryant: Filby Award Winner
Thomas D. Clark, 1903-2005
Camp Nelson National Cemetery: Grave Registration to 1997
Madison County Will Book, A, 1787-1813
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper
Bourbon County Miscellaneous Records

McCreary County Museum, Sterns, Kentucky
George Coons Library, Caldwell County
Garlin Murl Conner, Medal of Honor
In Memoriam: Ilene Blake Wills
Civil War Veterans 1910 Russell County
Irvin Family, Russell County
NARA, Sterns Fund
David Rice Slavery Artifact, 1804
Col. Frank L. Wolford, Memorial
Kentuckiana Society
Bourbon County Miscellaneous
Confederate Maps Online
Camp Nelson National Cemetery, cont'd
Katrina: Many Records Lost
Revolutionary Warriors--Mullins
Henry County Court Orders
Kentucky News from a Missouri Newspaper
Kentuckians in Polk County, Iowa
Athalyle Caudill, 1842-1923
Bourbon County Miscellaneous
Joseph Casey, Revolutionary Warrior
Archibald Casey, Revolutionary Warrior
Anderson County Obituaries
Selby family
Camp Nelson Burials



Genealogist's Codicil to Last Will
Fort Wayne Library "Gems"
Southern Claims Commission
Kentucky News from a Missouri Newspaper
War of 1812 Sources at KDLA
In the Service of Their Country
Calloway County Cemeteries
Coe Cemetery, Russell County
Perryman Cemetery, Russell County
Religious Newspapers as a Resource
Filson Historical Society Manuscripts
Jefferson County Deaths, 1859
Kentucky News from a Missouri Newspaper
North Carolina's Counties
Frazier Museum Opens in Louisville

Henry County Court Order Extracts
Bourbon County Guardian Bonds
Camp Nelson National Cemetery: Grave Registration to 1997
Raiders of the Lost Archives ... Patents
Kentucky News from a Missouri Newspaper
Birth Records Restrictions?
United Methodist Church Weddings
Henry County Court Order Extracts
Camp Nelson National Cemetery: Grave Registration to 1997
Confederate Veterans in Brazil
African American History & Genealogy
Washing Machine Patent: New York to Kentucky


A Mortality Study by Ron Bryant
Frankfort’s 200th Book Availability
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper
Money Talks 1942
Families Being Researched
Benham Family Bible Lost
Life Members

Kentuckians in Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois
Eleven Generations in One Kentuckians County
Irish Chronology for Genealogists
Scottish Monarchs to 1707
Henry County Revolutionary Pensioners
Clans, Septs and Districts
Immersion Genealogy, Tom Stephens
Baker Photographs
Hatfield-McCoy Site Map
Reuben Durrett Manuscript Collection
Three Mexican War Veterans
Gov. Thomas E. Bramlette
Thomas D. Clark
Whetstone Grave Markers
John Cobb v. Stephen Trigg
Kentucky’s Governors
James Parks of Kentucky
1786 Kentucky Militia Lists
South Union Shaker Records at WKU
Iris Crosthwaite Byington
Kentucky’s German-Americans in Civil War
Frontier Trails
Kentucky Female Orphan School Grads
History of St. Augustine
Kentucky State Medical Soc. Members 1856
Richard Clough Anderson Collection
Kentucky News From a Missouri Newspaper
African-American Experience


Muhammed Ali’s Irish Ancestry
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper
Civil War Monument in Cave Hill
Kentucky Civil War Vets in Nebraska, 1893
Henry Clay: KY’s Greatest Statesman
Kentuckians at West Point ,1800-1878
DeJarnette, Son of Confederate, Dies
Kentucky McConnells by Dr. A.M. Huff

Story of Two Kentucky Adjutant Generals
Kentucky McConnells by A. M. Huff
Women, Children and the Family
Perryville Battlefield
Lexington’s African Cemetery, No. II
Kentuckians at West Point 1800-1878
Our Ancestors’ Personal Hygiene
Piqua Methodist Church Cemetery
Frankfort’s Mystery Graves 
Jefferson Descendants Follow Up
Ray Gooldy, 1932-2002
Brandenburg Cemetery, Bracken County
Three Civil War Letters
Kentucky News From a Missouri Newspaper
Melungeon Roots, Dr. Brent Kennedy
Naval Pensioners of the US
Families Being Researched: Listings
Using a Law School Library
Civil War Campaign Medal
Ahnentafel Explained
Adair Countians in Cumberland County
Myrtle Sims Sparkman
Families Being Researched: Listings
Joseph Chapman’s Murder
Book Reviews by R. P. Padgett
Cost of Living in 13th Century


Regiments and Units, Civil War
Time Line of the Kentucky National Guard
A Synopsis of the Civil War 1861-1865
Civil War Veterans Photos (20)
Early Kentuckians to Illinois
Kentucky News From A Missouri Paper
Kentucky History Center’s Garden Park
Kentucky Civil War Headstones, cont'd
Ancestors from Bullitt County Deeds
Revolution and War of 1812
Early Kentuckians to Illinois, cont'd
Jackson in Flames, 1886
Stations and Early Settlements, cont'd
Kentucky News from a Missouri Paper 
Kentucky Cemetery Laws
Researching Early KY Tax Lists
A Sloss Family Visit to Kentucky
Kentuckians in California
Kentucky Forts and Stations, cont'd
A Civil War Letter
Some Kentucky Counties in Review
Genealogy in a Granite Mountain
A Pictorial Record of the Time
“Never Trust A Damn Yankee”
Kentucky McConnells by A. M. Huff
Kentucky Medal of Honor Memorial
Some Kentucky Counties in Review
The Lost People of Dorset
Russian Roots
Prominent Civil War Leaders Serving During the Mexican War


Grandmother Braun
William Felix Gibson
Moses Cox Bible
Steves Bible
Gallatin County Facts and Naturalizations
J. C. Collins, Warren County
Kentucky v. John Dugan
Bohannon Family
Andrew Jackson
Morgan Family
Dower Rights & Women’s Rights
Kentucky News from a Missouri Newspaper
Neutrality & Recruiting For War
Civil War Battle of Ivy Mountain, Eastern Kentucky
Tennessee Civil War Vets from Kentucky
Wilson/Reeves Families
Eastman Online Genealogy
Anderson Co. Map, ca.1905
Old Medical Terms
Headstones for Kentucky Guardsmen Killed 105 Ago
Muhlenburg County Court Orders, volume1
Company C, 3rd Kentucky Infantry Spanish-American War

Bartholomew Helm Cemetery and Old Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery, Russell County
Dr. George H. Tichenor
Civil War-Era Submarine
KY News From a Missouri Newspaper
Kentuckians and the Mexican War
Dedication at Richard Smith Cemetery, Perry County
Harlan County Cemeteries Moved
Stations and Early Settlements in Kentucky (A - Harbeson)
Frankfort’s Good Shepherd School, 1916-1917
John Thompson, Pioneer of Anderson County
Stations and Early Settlements in Kentucky (Helm - Pettit)
Muhlenburg County Court Orders (1799-1804)
Kentucky Civil War Veterans’ Headstones (A)
Kentucky’s Nine Counties at Statehood (1792)
Bath County Democrat, 1899
Western Sentinel, Hardin County 1833
Old Kentucky News From Pennsylvania, 1790-1791
Map, Bracken County, 1897
Luttrell Family Record



Arnold Research
Vicksburg Battlefield Monument
Three Generations Die in 1959 Car Wreck, Dekalb, Foster, Scidmore
Brown Civil War
Pension Abstracts
Button Families of Virginia and Kentucky
Old History of Sligo Baptist Church, Pendleton County
Kentucky News From a Missouri Newspaper, 1859
The Courthouse and Natural Disaster
Allen County’s Records
Draper Manuscripts & Draper
Luke M. Ward Bible
Franklin Pierce Allen, U. S. Postmaster
Welcome to Logan’s Fort
Civil War Battle of Tebbs Bend
Dead Communities
Sanders-Saunders Family
Franklin County Bible Records
Jesse Frank White Family
Military Records and Research Branch
Confederate Monument, Jeffersontown, Kentucky
Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Clayton Ray Cox, Genealogist-Historian
Frankfort’s Fort Hill with Adjutant General’s Report
Transportation of Goods, 1800-1870
Episcopal Church Parishes of Virginia
Missouri Newspaper Abstracts, 1859-1860
Joseph McKibben Bible, Bracken County
Twelve Children of James Matt White & Edith Helen Foster
Long Family, Ohio County
Greenwells, Nelson County
Anderson County’s Burned Courthouse
George Thompson & Frances Powell, Virginia, Kentucky and issouri


African-American Research Problems, Resources
Hix Family Bible Record
“Binding-Out,” a Common Practice in Early Virginia and Kentucky
More Light on "remitting fever" and Old-Time Disease Names
Letter From George Gardner to His Sister
Kentucky Native Pioneer in Washington State
Hattons Married in Lawrence County, Kansas to 1920
Pioneer Graves to be Listed, Maintained
Roots Editor, Landon Wills, Dies
Landon Wills Family Album
Ron Bryant’s Tribute to Landon Wills
The Hind & Bass Families Form a Union
Nathan Woodford Bass Hind Family Bible
Moving the Old Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery 
“Points of Time” in the White Family
Melungeon Characteristics Show up in Unusual Places
Shuck-Shockency Cemetery at Bethlehem, Henry County
Catalog of the Officers and Students of Transylvania University 
Frankfort’s Green Hill Cemetery
142 Kentucky African-Americans Honored
Will of Colonel Richard Marrott Booker, Sr., (1771-1845) of Shelby County
Sanders Family in Bullitt and Livingston Counties
Filibusters (Walker’s Rangers)
Descendants of Thomas Marston
Marston Family Mystery
White and Alfaro Families, part II
Civil War Research in Kentucky
Our Carters Melungeon Migration
Thomas Carter, Sr. Prayer Book
Hind-Bass Connections
Grandma Nuttall (Elizabeth Slaughter Nuttall), 1872-1910
Courtship and Marriage of Jesus (Jose-Joseph) Alfaro
Lemmon Family History
Cadwallader Kinman


Hix Family Bible Records
Adair County User-Fiendly to Family Researchers
Page Family Bible
Hart Cemetery, Fleming County
Help on Old Virginia Names

Logan’s Fort, Third Jewel in Kentucky’s Triple Crown
Kennedy Throws New Light on Melugeon Question
What Can You do About Abandoned Cemeteries?
Best Cemetery in Anderson County
French Cemetery in Clark County
Local Records of Historical & Genealogical Value
Wills Family Album
Adoption, Then & Now
The Boston Sisters (Picture)
Bryant Reports on Bryan Station
Causes of Death, 1859 and 1995
Roy Wood, 1928-1997
The Giant’s Family Album
Chandler Family Bible From Henry County
Chancery Court Case of Lucus Vanorsdall v. Bealls' Executors


Colonel Charales Carter’s Bible Records
Benjamin Sutton Family Bible
Estill County Books
Can You Add to Story of Peter Taylor Family?
Appalachia in Civil War
Kelley Family Album
The Meadors Legend
Benjamin Stone Family Bible
Colonel Basil W. Duke’s 2nd KY Cav, CSA, picture
Antioch Christian Church Members 1855-1885, Franklin County
Collier & Allied Families
One Mullen Family in KY
Caldwell Co Administrator’s Bonds, 1863-69
Madison Co Teens Restore Snoddy Graveyard
Research Short Family Bible
Overlooked Resource, Persi Index
Antioch Christian Church Members 1884-1930, Franklin Co.
Family of William Henry Allison & Nancy Rynearson

Old Mulkey Meetinghouse and Old Mill Creek Meetinghouse, Monroe County
Old Mulkey Cemetery
Research in Grant Coimtu
James Noes of Kentucky
National Melungeon Registry Established
Bohannon-Montgomery Family Bible
Jacob Pile & Evangeline Williams (Picture)


Buchanan Family
Cemetery Laws of Kentucky
Civil War Research at KDLA
Delayed Birth Certificates
Gallatin County Pensions
Indian Census Update
Log Union Cemetery, Fleming County
Owen and Palmer Family Bibles
Birth Certificate Changes
Gallatin County Pensions
Lexington Public Library
Naturalization Procedures
Rockbridge Church Cemetery
Social Security Records
Sousley Family Album
Tanner and Ephraim Families
Gallatin County Pensions
McCormack Christian Church
McColgan Family Album
Old Macedonia Church Cemetery
Ky Vital Statistics on the World Wide Web
Gallatin County Pensions



Muhlenberg County Revolutionary Soldiers
Genealogy Can Save Lives
Sessions Family
Crutcher Cemetery, Woodford County

Shacklett Family
Jean Lucas, Huguenot
Manning Family Bible
Brooks Family Bible
Chalfant Cemetery, Bracken County
Dunn Ahnentafel
Neville Family Album
Walker Family Bibles
James Martin Ahnentafel
Burkes, Mosley, Boston Bibles
Simpson Wills Bible
From Virginia to Kentucky
Chas Carter of Lincoln County
Ike Cook: Unique Tombstone
Cordelia Thompson and Family


Confederate Burials at Rock Island, Illinois
Wills - Anderson Families
A Will Can Tell a Family's Story

Griggs Family
John Whitmer Family
Shelby County Revolutionary Soldiers
Bullitt County Pensioners, Revolutionary War
Lindsay Families
Samuel Adams, Explorer
White Family of Estill County and Oregon
Thornton-Sudduth Families
Montgomery County Records
Owen County Taverns
Civil War POW Camps
Grimes Family
Saberton-Weales Families
Using a Will to Prove Descent
Western Military Institute, 1850


Military Records in Kentucky
Great Earthquake of 1811
Nicholson Family
Saylor's System for the Early Census
Cornishville Cemetery, Mercer County
O'Rear Cemetery, Montgomery County
Moor Cemetery, Bath County
Kentuckians in Macoupin County, Illinois
Cook Family
Family Associations
Fields Family, Maryland to Kentucky
Manuscripts in Virginia and North Carolina

Norris Family
Kentucky Counties, County Seats
Immigration Sources

Marriage Bonds, Information
Jones Family of Nelson and Shelby Counties
Buckner, Hawes, Aylett Families
Lebanon (Marion County) 1870 Census
Ford Family of Shelby County
Steele Family of Bourbon County
French Family Cemetery, Franklin County
Revolutionary War Soldiers in Montgomery County
Burned and Flooded County Records


Milton Thompson, in Memoriam
Albemarle (Virginia) to Kentucky
Adam Finch Bible
Middle Names
Anson Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri
McLean County Administrator Bonds
Uncle Jim, a Genealogist's Story
Frank Long, Obituary
Chambers-Edds Family Bible
Wyatt Cemetery, McCracken County
Orphan Brigade, Confederates
Hoagland-Tuttle Family Bible
Old Boone Cemetery, Mason County
Using School Records
Foley Family
Jewell-Henderson Families
Confederates Buried at Camp Chase
Kentuckians in Kansas Obituaries
Brandenburg Descendants


Land Grant Research
Samuel Simmons Descendants
Wills Cemetery, Menifee County
Johnson County Deaths
Steele Family Bible
Landrum Cemetery, Livingston County
Faris Family
Revolutionary Pensions
Fleming County Marriages
Poplar Run Cemetery, Fleming County
Union College Genealogical Library
Two Holland Family Bibles
A Larue County Cemetery
Uncertainty of Early Land Titles
Kentucky's Last Civil War Veteran
Naturalization in Kentucky
Perry County Civil War Veterans, 1890

Research in Virginia
Bulatkin Ahnentafel
CSA Burials at Columbus, Ohio
Scott County Guardian Bonds
Will Dates v. Death Dates
O'Rear Cemetery, Montgomery County
Cameron-Blake Bible
Johns Family Bible, Floyd County
Sign with an X
Allen County Revolutionary Soldiers


Jamestown Settlers
Damrons of Carter County
Hanna Family
Carolyn Jones Ahnentafel
Yohogania County, Virginia
John Grover Crain

Why did Ancestors Come to America?
Folklore and Social History Sources
Hessey Crypt
Rowan County Militia
Kentuckians in California
Mason County Businesses in 1886
Manning Family Bible
Mason County Minister Bonds
Fincastle County, Virginia information
Wallace Cemetery, Union County
Jesse Foree, Revolutionary War soldier
Darlington/Williams Family

Newport Military Barracks, 1870
Colley Family
Brewer Family
Mt Auburn Cemetery in Mass
Kentucky Masons in the Mexican War
Harper Cemetery, Woodford County
McCormack Cemetery, Lincoln County


Frankfort Cemetery Book
Cemetery in Hazard, Perry County
1878 Franklin County Births
Will of John Anglin
Carroll County Mortality Schedule
Bracken County Cemetery
Ferrell Graveyard, Jessamine County
Garrard County Clarkstons
Clark-Clarkson-Clarkston Families

Marriages in Virginia and Kentucky
Metcalfe Papers Found
Boone County Bibles
Blantons of Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri, and Texas
Pike County Mortality Schedules

What's Available in Fincastle
Kentucky's Low Dutch Settlers
Wild Flower's Indian Heritage
Norris-Dearing Families
Johnson and Floyd Mortality Records
Eli Rodgers Family
Transylvania's Bible Collection
Civil War Pension Applications
Yarnell Bible Records
Yates to Charlemagne


Draper Manuscripts
Revolutionary War Soldiers in Muhlenberg County
Early Bell County Marriages
Beck Cemetery in Eddyville
Slavery Opponents Driven Out

Fredericksburg to Warsaw
George Douglass Bible
William Hatton, Washington Pioneer
Five Generations of Pfaffs
Marriage Practices on the Frontier
Revolutionary War Soldiers in Muhlenberg County
Dates of Revolutionary Pension
John Downing Family
Mortality Schedules
Childress Family

Calloway County Marriages
Early Orangeburg Church Members
Owen County Mortality Schedules
Casey County Clarkstons
Daviess Revolutionary Soldiers
Madison County Cemeteries


Causes of Early Deaths
Bath County Marriages
Pension Applications Help
Ecton Family of Clark County
Persistent Work Saves Cemetery

Harrodsburg Funeral Notices
Kentuckians at the Alamo
Martin Burying Ground
Basin Springs Cemetery
Montgomery County Deaths
Revolutionary Burials in Fayette County
The Lost State of Franklin
Thomas Iles Family
Scott County Marriages and Deaths
Logan County School Census
Floyd County Land Records
Joel Hampton Family
Russell-Ralston Family
Ashcrafts Saves Family Cemetery
Mason County Deaths and Marriages
Ahnentafel Charts
Stockton Graveyard in Fleming County
Manumission Documents



Marriages in Gretna Green
Military Records at the Kentucky Historical Society
Bible Records of Henry H. Mayo
Bath County Woman Hanged
Gallatin County Marriages

Melungeon Ancestry Unknown
Aberdeen, Ohio, Marriages
Cemetery Records Given to UK
Baron Family of Cain, Kentucky
Francis Asbury Will
Hellard Family
Aberdeen, Ohio, Marriages
Goff Family Profile
Tax Lists Useful Information
Gallatin County Marriages
Descendants of Jonathan Pitts
Hamilton Cemetery, Madison County
Fleming County Guardian Bonds
McLean County Tavern Bonds
Fleming County Order Book
Madison County Cemetery
Mason County Downing Marriages
Help for Locating Vital Records



Garrard County Marriages
Kentucky natives in California
Kentuckians in Utah
John Riley, Revolutionary soldier
Russell County pensioners
Don't Overlook Church Records
Early Shelbyville Postmasters
Gallatin County Marriages
Naturalization Proceedings
Family Association
Low Dutch Colony
McLean County Will Book
Gallatin County Marriages
South Elkorn Church Minutes
William Fretwell Will
Jacob Boone Land Warrant
Darnell Family Graveyard
Boyle County Records
Early Muhlenberg Land Owners
Family Files at the University of Kentucky
Pleasant Hope Church History


Kentucky Straight Bourbon, A-F
The Germanna Colony
Mason County News Notes
Simpson Revolutionary Pensioners
John B. Hamilton Family
Hardin County Marriages
Thomas Wash Family
Johnson Family Bible
Wyatt Daniel Family
Governors' Papers
Lyon County Residents 1837-39
Campbell County Tax Records
Irish Surnames
'70, '80 Censuses Missed Many
Map Uses in Genealogy
Kentucky Straight Bourbon, G-O
Confederate Cemetery

KGS Past Presidents
Union County Guardian Bonds
Spencer County Marriages
Kentucky Straight Bourbon, P-R
Muses Mills Cemetery, Fleming County
Revolutionary Soldiers, Fleming County
Russell County Marriages
Berryman Family Bible
Nicholas County Estate Settlements
Calloway County's First Jail
Gallatin County Marriages
Russell County Pensioners
Jameson Family Cemetery
Kentucky Straight Bourbon, S-Z



St Albans Raiders
Methodist Ministers
County "Stray Books"
Travelling Church in Kentucky
Nicholas County Guardianships
Hints for Searchers

Eastern Kentucky Origins
The Huguenots
Those Who Served
Two Useful Hints by Harney
Springfield Church in Bath County
Tips for Vacation Research
Baltimore Records
Real Estate Records
Nelson County Marriages
Wesley and Alafair Hayes
McLean Co Civil War Discharges
Winfray and Elizabeth Walter
Owen County Guardian Bonds
William and Sarah Chandler
Polish Record Sources
Kentucky Vital Statistics
Lawrenceburg Baptist Church
Chenault's Regiment, CSA
Sources and Resources
Henry County Atlas
Thurman Graveyard


Kentucky Cemetery in Indiana
Samuel Tribble Descendants
Nicholas County Delinquent Taxes
Beckham County, Kentucky
Confederate Cemeteries in Ohio
Montgomery County Aged in 1889
Science Hill School 1825
Madison County Marriages
Mennonite Historical Society
Civil War and Genealogy 
Madison County Marriages
It's the Name that Counts
Kentucky Veterans in Oregon
Henry Pemberton and Family
Confederate Dead at Cynthiana
Cove Hill Baptist Cemetery
Alley Cemetery, Bath County
Alfrey Cemetery, Bath County
Edward Marks Family

Kentuckians in California
Craig Ashurst Bible Records
Camp Nelson Cemetery
McLean County School Census
Madison County Marriages
Bat Countians in 1884
Kephart Cemetery
Member Surname Index
Sulphur Fork Baptist Church Cemetery
How to Read Ancestral Handwriting 



Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849
Revolutionary Soldiers, Fleming County
Parentage of Kentucky Counties
Kentucky Courthouses Burned
Kentucky's Counties--1792
Kentucky's Counties--1818
Some Civil War Dead, Anderson County
Disappearing Ancestors
Kentucky Divorces, 1792-1849
Bradleys from Virginia
John Reiley, Soldier of Revolution
Some Deeds are Useful
Burned Courthouses Update
Graefenburg Cemetery List
Blue Ridge Westward
Where are Your Roots?
Necrology of Fleming County
Kentucky Divorces: 1792-1849
Chamberlain Association
Port Royal Cemetery, Henry County
Surnames and What They Mean
Mt Pisgah Cemetery
Kentucky County Name Origins
John Railsback and Kin
 Madison County Marriages
Kentuckians in Missouri
Kinship Chart


Pioneer Records of Lexington and Fayette County
Fleming County Courthouse Records
Tribute to Vivan C. Moore

Pennsylvania State Library
History of Dry Ridge, Grant County
Capt. Thomas Moore Family
Goodpaster Ancestor Problem
Mayo Family Bible Records 
Moore-Winston Bible Records
University of Kentucky Resources
Henry County Marriage Bonds
Kentucky Historical Library
Moses Baker Family
William Bentley Wills
Calloway County Census 1860
Henry County Marriages
Taylor Revolutionary Veterans
Some Fleming County Deeds
Gibbs Pension Records
Lost Federal Censuses



Boonesborough Settlers
Kentucky Map, 1792, 1818, 1855, 1912
Index to Littel's Laws
Lincoln County, Kentucky, Records
Kentucky Genealogical Society Members
Why Kentucky is a Commonwealth

Colonial Maryland Records
Kentucky Genealogical Society Members (cont'd)
Kentucky Cemetery Project
Virtinia Vital Statistics
Banta Family Records
Virginia State Library Resources
Tracing British Ancestry
Anderson County Records
Lorenzo Dow, Frequently Used Name 


Kentuckians from Albemarle
Franklin in War of 1812
Resources in Military Library
James Buchholz
Madison County Tax List, 1788

National Archives
Kentucky Records
Revolutionary Pensions, Fayette County
Cemetery Records, Miscellaneous
Knox County Genealogy
Virginia as a Source
President Carter's Ancestors
Kentucky First Three Counties
Kentucky Birth and Death Records
Cemetery Statutes


Blades Cemetery
Wright Cemetery
Payne Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
French Cemetery
Franklin County Deaths
Reuben Hall Estate
Hiett Family
Allen Family
Vital Statistics Sources
Genealogy in the Census
Naming Customs
Franklin County Deaths (cont'd)
Counting Cousins
Rogers in Kentucky, 1800
Bellfonte Cemetery

College Hill Cemetery, Madison County
Franklin Counth Deaths
1800 Census, Franklin County
Tombstone Inscriptions
Freeman Cemetery, Franklin County
Saunders Cemetery, Shelby County
Presidents Ford and Nixon
Second Census of Kentucky
Hickman Graveyard
Morton Graveyard
Obituary of Meshack Peirson
Anderson County Marriages
Harbison Tombstones 


Keefer, Grant County, Kentucky
Boulware Family
Frankfort's Early History
John H. Tribble Family
Fish and Birney Families 
David and John McChesney Families
Thompson Family of Washington County
Montgomery County Courthouses
Madison County Wills
History of Richmond, Kentucky
Firsts in Kentucky
Fort Boonesborough
Christopher (Kit) Carson
Richmond Cemetery, Madison County
White Graveyard, Madison County
KGS Member Names and Ancestors, with detail 



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