Kentucky Genealogical Society
Filson Society, Todd County Library win first KGS grants to digitize Kentucky records
The KGS Digitization Grants Program has awarded its first grants to The Filson Historical Society (based in Louisville) and Todd County Public Library (based in Elkton).
The Filson plans to use its $1,600 grant to digitize Baptist Orphan Records, a unique set of frequently used records held in the organization’s Special Collections Department. Project manager Danielle Spalenka wrote in the grant application that the records “include valuable genealogical information that often helps patrons fill in holes within their own research.” She plans to complete the digitization process by August 2020.
A $1,000 grant will help the Todd County library begin the digitization of handwritten/typewritten documents from the collection of late local historian Frances Fox. The records are based on interviews and offer personal accounts and stories of Todd County families. Library director and project manager Audrea Clairmont said in the grant application: “These are one-of-a-kind documents . . . and any knowledge about these hundreds of families may or may not have been passed down and could be totally lost if something happens to these records.”Under terms of the KGS Digitization Grants Program, the records digitized using grant funding will be made available on the KGS website. Both winning organizations may also choose to make the digitized records available on their own websites and elsewhere.