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Saturday, October 13
Second Saturday Genealogy  (Second Saturday)
10:30 am to 3:00 pm
Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, 100 W. Broadway, Frankfort, Ky.
A Full-Day "Collage" of Genealogy Presentations and Demonstrations
Bring your lunch and stay for the day to learn about multiple aspects of genealogy in this special KGS 2nd Saturday Genealogy event. Watch this page for details. For now, here's information about one of the presenters:
Pamela Lyons Brinegar, CG ® is a Lexington-based, board-certified genealogy researcher, writer, and lecturer specializing in central and eastern Kentucky. She holds an MA in sociocultural anthropology and is executive director emerita of an international association of regulatory officials. Among her topics for this event: House Histories – Whether old or new, houses have stories to tell. Untangling those mysteries requires a combined journalistic/genealogical research approach to draw answers from public records, archives, and many other resources. This session will cover the rapidly growing number of free online images of deeds, estate and tax records, court orders, newspapers, and monographs. Examples of 19th- and 20th-century house histories will illustrate methods for developing your own family stories.
Morning Sessions
• More sessions by Pamela Brinegar (Topics to be announced)
Afternoon Sessions
•  How Can Census Records Help My Research? - by Linda Colston
Most of us use Census records in our research, but are we getting the most out of them?  Learn what is available in those other columns and how that information can aid our research.
 •  Cracking the Code: Cemetery Symbolism – by Johnna Waldon
Ever walked through a cemetery and wondered what that engraving on the headstone meant? Learn about the various types of headstones and their symbology. 
Additional Information Coming Soon

Saturday, November 10
KGS 2nd Saturday Genealogy  (Second Saturday)
10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, 100 W. Broadway, Frankfort, KY
Researching Your Civil War and World War I Ancestors
Presenter: Don Rightmyer
Session 1: “North or South? Finding Your Kentucky Civil War Ancestor” will help you find and learn about your Kentucky Civil War relative and whether he wore blue, gray, or butternut. Be prepared for possible surprises in your Civil War genealogy search.
Session 2: “Over There: Finding Your World War I Ancestor” will provide the research tools needed to discover your World War I ancestor and dig out as much information as possible about what their experience was like during the First World War.
About the Presenter:

Don Rightmyer is a native of Harrodsburg and a retired U.S. Air Force officer of 24 years. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he majored in military history, Don flew more than 1,500 hours in tactical fighters in the U.S. as well as in the Pacific and Europe. He was a historian in the Office of Air Force History and edited two different monthly Air Force periodicals. He is a lifelong student of the Civil War, especially Kentucky’s experience during that war. During his time on the Kentucky Historical Society staff from 2007 to 2013, Don made several presented 2nd Saturday programs and also presented at national conferences hosted by the National Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies. He was editor of the KHS quarterly Kentucky Ancestors from 2007 to 2013.

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Saturday, December 8
KGS 2nd Saturday Geneallgy  (Second Saturday)
10:30 am to 1:00 pm
Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, 100 W. Broadway, Frankfort, KY
Presenter: Linda Colston
Topic: Pre-1850 Census Records
Session 1: Working With Those Pesky Tally Marks in Pre-1850 Census Records
Although the early census records only provided names for the Head of Households, they still hold many clues in tracing our ancestors. In this program, we will discuss ways of gleaning the most information we can from those tally marks. 
Session 2: Kentucky Tax Lists – A Gold Mine of Information!
Kentucky tax lists offer a variety of clues that can put pieces of the puzzle of our ancestors together to form a picture of their lives. As valuable as these records are, they continue to be underused. In this program, we will look at how the pre-1850 Census records and tax lists can work together in provide context to our research and address some of the difficulties of researching in the early 1800s.